Production process at YMK Farms undergoes following stages :

  • Production of food for the own birds in the own compound feed factory.
  • Raising of chickens in the own young chicken farms, of the laying hens within the own poultry farms.
  • Production of YMK eggs in fully automated FACCO plant.
  • Quality control check and screening.
  • Packaging of eggs in packaging center.
  • Transportation and delivery


YMK Eggs QA & QC

Invariable compliance of quality assurance is ensured through strict control and checks at various stages starting from feed production till laying of eggs. Even after collection of eggs in the quality control through conveyor belt, each and every egg is examined before packaging and any substandard egg is segregated for later research and examination. YMK eggs ensures same size and weight of eggs round the year while maintaining essential nutritions intact through constant research on feed input at production stage to achive the desired yield.

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